GP3 Motorcycle Headset

The iASUS Concepts GP3 Throat Mic is designed specifically for motorcycle applications. The GP3 features the Gen 3.0 transponder with throat strap and magnetic break-away clasp in addition to iASUS high fidelity XSound 3 Helmet Speakers, which deliver high-quality audio with enhanced bass to most full-face and some open-face helmets. The GP3 also supports the optional iASUS Finger PTT and Magnesium Sniper PTT  It is compatible with a wide variety of two-way radios and mobile devices.

  • Choose your NT3 Black Ops 2 Adapter for your device, optional PTTs and optional extension strap to see the package price
  • All iASUS Throat Mics require an adapter to work with your phone or radio.
  • Except for the 2.5mm and 3.5mm, all adapters come with a PTT button and PTT jack on the adapter itself. The button on the 2.5mm and 3.5mm works as Answer/End Call
  • Additional items can be found on the Accessories and Adapters pages
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  • New Gen 3.0 transponder features improved acoustic transmission with significantly reduced “muffle effect”
  • Adjustable, reinforced throat strap expands and contracts with user movement, with support for up to 21″ neck size (use optional extension strap)
  • Magnetic clasp for added versatility safely breaks away if pulled suddenly
  • Custom-braided nylon wiring is tangle-resistant and extra-durable
  • Water-resistant construction
  • In-glove Finger PTT and Magnesium Sniper PTT available
  • VOX-capable with VOX-enabled radios
  • Pair with XSound 2.1 or XSound 3 Helmet Speakers for the perfect setup
  • Available in models compatible with a variety of two-way radios and mobile devices

1-Year Limited Warranty with proof of purchase

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